Use the Vons and Ibotta Apps to Maximize Savings

October 14, 2017

A juicy steak dinner is calling your name tonight.  Read below to find out how I used my Vons and Ibotta apps to get $20.84 worth of New York Strip Steaks for $7.61.

Why use the Vons app?

You may be wondering why you need the Vons app if you already use their saving card.  There are four reasons:

  1. The only way to access Vons “Just For U” savings is by adding the item to your basket in the app. These Just For U deals are exclusive to Vons app users.
  2. Vons adds manufacturer’s coupons to their app so you don’t have to do any additional coupon hunting. Use manufacturer’s coupons on items that are already on sale and you’ll see major savings.
  3. There are often freebies available on the app. If available, they will show up under a “FREE” tab.  I’ve gotten free yogurts, Gatorades, coffee shots, and more.
  4. It’s easy to track your gas points, the nearby gas stations where you can redeem your points, and opportunities to earn more gas points.

Why use the Ibotta app?

The answer is easy.  You’ll get rebates for buying the things you normally buy anyway.  This is a no-brainer.  Going shopping at Vons?  See what rebates are available!  I started using Ibotta less than a year ago and I just hit $100 in rebates.  You can cash out your rebates in different ways, but I always choose to cash mine out in the form of Amazon gift cards, which are super simple to use.

So, how did I get $20.84 worth of New York Strip Steaks for $7.61?

I used my app to see that Vons was having a sale for $4.88/lb on steaks that are normally $13.99/lb.  Then I checked Ibotta to see that they were offering a $3.50 on any New York Strip steak purchase.  Boom!  Awesome savings.

maximize savings on groceries using the Vons and Ibotta apps

Use the Vons and Ibotta Apps to maximize grocery savings.  If you can manage a Just For U purchase combined with a manufacturer’s coupon from the Vons app AND find an Ibotta rebate, you’ll have found the holy grail of grocery shopping savings!  Let me know your savings secrets in the comments below.  Happy shopping!


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