Tuna Crabs Take Over San Diego

June 16, 2015

Little tuna crabs can be found in San Diego.

If you’ve visited any San Diego beaches over the last week, you’ve probably noticed the sand is peppered with red spots.  Upon closer examination, you’ll see thousands of little tuna crabs scrambling around!  These tuna crabs are only about a couple inches long and resemble miniature lobsters or crawfish.  These tiny crustaceans normally live off the coast of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula but experts theorize that they’ve moved further north because of the unusually warm water caused by El Nino.

Tuna crabs invade San Diego beaches.

As a mom always on a budget, my family has taken advantage of this natural wonder and spent the last couple evenings walking along La Jolla’s beaches and marveling at these adorable sea creatures.  You can’t beat free entertainment!

Tuna crabs take over La Jolla beaches.

Perhaps the best place for observing these tuna crabs is in the ocean itself.  Head on over to La Jolla Swim and Sport to pick up some snorkel gear for a real tuna crab adventure.

Tuna crabs wash up on Southern California beaches.

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