Snorkeling – La Jolla Children’s Pool

September 30, 2015

After a year of living in La Jolla, I finally got around to snorkeling in the La Jolla Children’s Pool.  The La Jolla Children’s Pool is an area of ocean protected by a large seawall, therefore making the water calm and easily swimmable.  The intent was to create a safe place for children to swim in La Jolla, which is why it is aptly named the Children’s Pool.  Harbor seals have also taken up residence at this beach over the years.  It remains a hot topic of debate among La Jollans as to whether the children or the harbor seals are more entitled to this piece of real estate.  Regardless, I decided it would be a safe place to make my first snorkeling attempt in La Jolla.

Silver fish swimming in La Jolla Children's Pool

I stopped by La Jolla Swim and Sport to get some much needed advice from Adriana, the owner and local swimming expert.  Following her advice, I ended up renting a wetsuit to give myself more buoyancy in the water and to keep warm (I’m a total wimp in cold water).

We arrived at 9:00am on Sunday morning to a pretty secluded beach and ocean, which made me happy.  Upon hopping right in, we were greeted by thousands of little silver fish.  We also got to see a few bright orange Garibaldi fish, which is apparently the California State Fish.  But the highlight was probably sharing the ocean with the occasional little harbor seal (look out for him in the video).

The Garibaldi fish can be seen in the La Jolla Children's Pool

Overall, the La Jolla Children’s Pool is a great starter spot for snorkeling in La Jolla.  I’ll keep you posted on my future snorkeling excursions.  Next stops will be La Jolla Cove to swim with the sea lions and La Jolla Shores to swim with the leopard sharks!

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