How to Save Money at Whole Foods

October 31, 2017

I’m not exactly sure if it is the quality of food or just the healthy feeling that comes from shopping at Whole Foods that draws millions of people through its doors.  The quality of food at Whole Foods is impressive.  Whole, clean foods can improve your health in many different ways.  Eating a clean diet can increase the quality of your sleep, improve your skin, reduce pain, as well as an overall improvement in health.   Clean foods are limited in artificial ingredients or hormone/antibiotic free, grass fed and cage free.  However, higher quality food comes at a higher price.  But, for some of us living on a budget, here are tips to save money at Whole Foods.

Take the Class

Many of the Whole Foods locations host different events including classes.  Some are cooking classes, some are for children, and there is a “how to” class for shopping in the store (check your local store for a schedule).  There is a $5 fee for the class but, upon completion you are awarded a $5 Whole Foods  gift card.  They show you how to read labels and understand the product and the prices.

Buy in Bulk

Many people don’t realize Whole Foods offers discounted pricing for buying product in bulk.  I especially love this for snacks.  In the photo below the highlighted information shows the bulk price.  The catch to earning bulk pricing is purchasing the minimum amount listed.  For the coconut chips in the photo below, the per unit price is $1.88 per ounce.  However, if you purchase a case (12 units) the cost is $1.43 per ounce. That’s $.45 savings each.

Buy in bulk to save money at Whole Foods.

Download the Whole Foods App

As with almost everything today, there’s an app for that!  Download the Whole Foods app for “app only” sales and coupons.  When you download the Whole Foods app you are prompted to create an account.  You are then given a unique barcode for your account.  Before you shop check your app for sales and coupons.  Create your shopping list and meal plans from the items on sale.  Simply show the cashier your barcode at check out and your discounts will be applied.

Use the Whole Foods app to save money at Whole Foods.

Shop the Sales

There are, also, sales throughout the store.   Mostly the sales are focused on seasonally relevant products.  Since Whole Foods sources its crops locally, “in season” products tend to have a lower cost.  Since being purchased from Amazon you will find items with price reductions due to the acquisition.

Try It Before You Buy It

Not too many people are aware of Whole Foods’ “try it before you buy it” policy.  You can try cheese, produce, and even packaged goods off the shelf!  Just ask one of the sales associates for help if you want to try something off the shelf.  This will save you from the heartache of buying something new only to find out you don’t like it and have to throw it away.

Only Buy Certain Items

Another way to save is to purchase only what’s necessary from Whole Foods (as in meats and organic produce).  Meats tend to be a better quality at Whole Foods, antibiotic free, vegetarian diets, etc.  As far as produce, the general rule of thumb is to buy organic if you eat the skin.  That means apples, pears, grapes and the like you want to purchase from organic and from a good source, such as Whole Foods.  For common items such as ice cream, milk, butter, etc.  compare prices with your local grocer for the best deal.

Let us know in the comments below if you have any other secrets to save money at Whole Foods!  Check out our other tips for saving on groceries here.

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