Maryland: Ocean City Deep Sea Fishing

August 27, 2017

Sunset during an Ocean City deep sea fishing trip in Ocean City MD

All about deep sea fishing in Ocean City, MD

Ocean City is the White Marlin capital of the world.  White Marlin are beautiful fish and fun to catch. They don’t get too big and put on a show jumping and soaring through the air.  Tuna and Mahi Mahi are another common catch out of Ocean City.  Yellowfin tuna don’t get as big as Bluefin or Big Eye.  If you hook a tuna be prepared for a test of your endurance.  They are all muscle and like to dive deep.  A tuna will tease you by allowing you to bring it near the surface and just when you think the fight is over, the bullet shaped fish dives 60-70 feet and you have to start all over again.  Mahi Mahi is another fun fish to catch.  They are some of the prettiest fish and good to eat. There is nothing like a full freezer after a great day on the water.  Mahi Mahi jump and dance for you as you bring them closer to the boat. They range in size from 24”-30” to “gaffers”, 36”-48”.

If you’re lucky you will catch the elusive Blue Marlin.  The Blue Marlin is a majestic beast that can grow to several hundred pounds and take hours to bring to the surface. A common tradition upon returning to the dock is to be tossed overboard after catching your first marlin. This is a fun tradition that heightens the experience and concludes your day on the ocean.

What to bring for your Ocean City deep sea fishing experience

A deep sea trip can last anywhere from 4 or 6 hours to 8 or 10 hours, during which you are exposed to the elements.  Fishing in the summer is most common and means you are constantly in the sun.  Being prepared means keeping yourself entertained and having practical gear.  There are 3 must haves on a deep sea trip: sunglasses, a hat, and sun protection.

Sunglasses are critical if you want to see anything.  The sun is bright out there and the reflection and glare on the water is enough to make you squint all day. You want to make sure you have the right sunglasses.  Invest in polarized lenses.  You can pick up a pair for $29-$59. You’ll want to choose a pair with a grey, amber or blue mirror lenses.  The grey and amber lenses can pull double duty as everyday glasses.

A hat is self-explanatory.  A typical ball cap is all you need to partially shade your face.  For extra protection, opt for a wide brim that will shade your face, ears and neck.  Preferably, a light weight or moisture wicking material with SPF.  For full body sun protection, use a brand and SPF that you are familiar with.  If suntan lotion isn’t your first choice then, invest in SPF clothing.  There are many different types of moisture wicking, SPF shirts, hats, pants and shorts.  Even skirts!

Other gear you may want to bring is a camera, binoculars, and a book or magazine, or some sort of entertainment.  Fishing is like the lottery, you have to play to win and you don’t win every time.  There can be several hours of trolling around waiting (patiently) for a strike.

Enjoying the scenery

A day of Ocean City deep sea fishing can be all about the fish but, there are other hidden benefits.  Being on the ocean brings a sense of tranquility and relaxation.  The water is a clean, beautiful blue and can create a mesmerizing meditation.  Other than relaxation, there are many species of sea life that will most likely make an appearance.  Bottlenose Dolphin are commonly seen and are entertaining to watch when they are actively jumping and playing in your wake. You’ll also likely see a pod of whales.  They travel 2-4 whales together and meander along diving and coming up for air.  On the surface of the water you can sometimes spot sharks enjoying the sunshine.  On occasion you may spot a Loggerhead Sea Turtle making its way to the jet stream.

Catching a White Marlin during an Ocean City deep sea fishing in MD

Without a doubt Ocean City deep sea fishing is an experience to create many memories you will never forget.  Even if you don’t catch a fish.

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