Mount Vernon Day Trip

November 25, 2017

Mount Vernon was the home of our first president, George Washington.  The estate is a stunning piece of property situated on the shore of the Potomac River.  Sitting on the Virginia side of the river, the view from the estate is a beautiful landscape of undeveloped shoreline in Maryland.  Mount Vernon has been preserved to accurately represent the time period, including authentic material such as brick laid in the slave quarters, the wood plank floor in the main house, and the banisters in the stairways.

This is Mount Vernon where George Washington lived

Plan for the Entire Day

A day pass for an adult is $20 and children under 15 are free.  The purchase of a membership grants you unlimited access to the estate during the year.  This includes access to the entire estate, complete with a tour of the mansion.  Each day upon arrival you are given a schedule of events starting at 9:15am.  The early birds have the opportunity for a premium mansion tour which shows parts of the mansion not shown on the regular tour.  Other daily events include 18th century cooking demonstrations, a sightseeing cruise, a wheat-treading demonstration, and many more.  It is not surprising to find actors dressed in period clothing walking through the estate. You may see slaves, important political figures, and you can even meet Martha Washington.

There is a restaurant and a cafeteria on the estate offering dining options.  To keep this adventure under budget you may want to pack a picnic lunch and set on a blanket in the colorful gardens or one of the many beautiful fields making up the estate.  There is a lot to do so be sure to pack plenty of drinks, the cost of a fountain soda astronomical!

Touring the Estate

With the purchase of your ticket you are given the time for your mansion tour.  There is plenty to do and see while you wait for your time slot.  Check out the slaves quarters, where you’ll see that the male slaves were kept separate from the female slaves.  After a hard day of work the men would sometimes be able to walk to the female quarters to see their wives for a few minutes.  The children stayed with the female slaves.  The head gardener of the estate had the most comfortable accommodations since the gardens were important to General Washington.  Other outbuildings are the salt room and the smoke house for the meat.  There are stables for the livestock and last but not least the Tomb of General Washington.  It’s awe inspiring to see the tomb of one of the founding fathers of our country.

This is Mount Vernon

Have fun planning your day trip to Mount Vernon!

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