Kayaking The La Jolla Sea Cave

October 11, 2015

How did I live in La Jolla for an entire year before kayaking the La Jolla Sea Cave?!  Lord knows I was used to seeing dozens of kayakers heading to the cave every time I walked along the Cove and the Coast Walk Trail so I knew this was on the “must-do” list for La Jolla.  Finally, a visit from my 15 year old cousin got me off my butt and into the water.  I figured this would be the perfect family activity for my husband and I, our 10 year old son, and my 15 year old cousin.  And it was.  We all had a blast and learned quite a bit.

This is the tour group we used when kayaking the La Jolla sea cave.

There are a number of companies along Avenida De La Playa in La Jolla Shores offering the same sea cave kayak experience.  We decided to go with La Jolla Kayak because their prices seemed to beat their competition and their store front is really cute.  The name of the tour we chose was “Original Kayak Cave Tour”, which took us on a 2 hour journey from La Jolla Shores to the cave, and back.  The distance from our starting point to our ending point looked a bit daunting for me, but the group stopped numerous times to listen and learn about the Underwater Park, giving us a chance to rest.  We had two tour guides who were upbeat and knowledgeable about La Jolla.  They shared some fun facts about the homes along La Jolla Shores (which I will not share – you’ll have to take the tour!).

A photo of our tour group kayaking the La Jolla sea cave.

One thing to note is that when reading about the La Jolla Sea Caves, you’ll find them referred to as the “Seven Sea Caves”.  Therefore, I was expecting to kayak through all seven of the caves.  However, we only kayaked through one.  And as far as I could tell, all the kayakers from different tour companies were all going to the same cave.  Maybe one day in the future I’ll go on a quest to find the other six.

Things to keep in mind when Kayaking the La Jolla Sea Cave:

You will get wet so plan your clothing accordingly

Do not wear expensive shoes because you will have to leave them on the beach unattended for 2 hours – they CAN be stolen

Bring a GoPro or other underwater camera

You will be able to rent a locker to put your cell phone, towel, etc in

No boats are allowed in the La Jolla Underwater Park area, so you’re safe to kayak and swim


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