How to Win Free Stuff Using Instagram

September 12, 2015

With Instagram having become the social media marketing platform of choice with businesses (because it’s still free), there are tons of contests and giveaways on Instagram at any given moment.  And entering is usually extremely simple.  You may have to simply “follow” a business and tag a couple friends, or you may have to enter a photo and tag a business.  The point is for the businesses to gain followers and these businesses are willing to give things away to reach their goal.  You can increase your chances of finding these contests and winning by doing a few simple things.  Here’s how to win free stuff using Instagram.

How to win free stuff using Instagram - I won a vacation rental.


Follow all the locally owned restaurants and retail stores in your neighborhood or town.

I live in La Jolla Village, so I’m following all my favorite restaurants and retails stores in the Village.  When locally owned businesses run contests, they will always have fewer entries, therefore increasing your odds.  I once entered a restaurant dinner giveaway and was literally the only person who entered.

Follow businesses or blogs that relate to your hobbies.

I love photography and travelling so I follow as many businesses as I can that offer photography products and travel services.  I also follow photography and travel blogs.  You don’t want to waste your time or effort pursuing giveaways that don’t actually interest you.

Build your own network of followers and make sure you post frequently.

Given the nature of these contests, businesses can usually choose their winner.  Yes, they choose.  No, they are not being fair and pulling names from a hat.  They are going to go through their list of entrants and will probably choose a winner who also has a lot of followers and posts often.

Take and keep lots of photos on your phone.

You’ll never know when you’ll need to use one of them to enter an Instagram contest.


Things I have won from Instagram Contests:

Think Tank Messenger Style Camera Bag

Dinner for Two at Roppongi Restaurant in La Jolla

Two Night Stay at a Vacation Rental in Palm Springs from Vacation Palm Springs

Camera Holster and Light Reflector

Oh, and be sure to follow LuxeLife4LessBlog and Eastport Photography on Instagram because I occasionally do giveaways too!

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