How to Host a Painting Party at Home

August 16, 2017

My husband and I recently had a date night at one of those Paint & Sip classes that are so popular now.  Not having painted since we were kids, we found it surprisingly therapeutic and lots of fun.  However, it quickly turned into a $100 date night so I started thinking of how we could recreate that same fun on a budget by having a painting party at home.

Buy supplies

I went to Aaron Brothers to buy supplies while they were having a buy-one-get-one sale on all art supplies.  This saved me a lot of money.  I bought a value-pack of acrylic paints, a few table top easels, a value-pack of brushes, and canvases.  Aaron Brothers also has coupons on their website, so check for those as well.  I spent about $75 on all my supplies, which will last me through many painting parties.

Supplies needed to host a painting party at home.

Invite friends

The best part of throwing your own painting party at home is controlling your guest list.  I invited adults, kids, and even dogs!

Having fun at a painting party at home.

Set up

Set up your easels and canvases, put out some paper plates for mixing colors, and some plastic SOLO cups of water for cleaning brushes.  You may want to put down some towels or drop-cloths depending on where you’re painting.  I also found it helpful to have some wet paper towels nearby to clean paint covered hands with.

It's fun to throw a painting party at home.

Get some inspiration

Not everyone can look at a blank canvas and imagine it come to life as a brilliant masterpiece.  So for us regular folk, I printed off some inspiration paintings from the internet and let everyone choose which one they would like to try to emulate.  Not everyone has to paint the same thing!  I think it’s more fun when each person tries something different.

Get inspiration to host a painting party at home.

Put out some snacks and drinks

At some point during the painting process you’ll need to take a break.  A great way to pass time while a layer of paint is drying is with snacks and drinks!  I served a fig spread with goat cheese and wafers.  I also had plenty of cookies for the kids.

This is how you throw a painting party at home.

I hope you have fun hosting a painting party at home!  Let me know how it goes in the comments below!

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