Furnishing Your Home on a Budget

May 2, 2015

Furnishing Your Home on a Budget – When my husband and I moved into a super cool mid-century modern house we were so excited because it was so gorgeous and had such character.  But we couldn’t bear the thought of bringing our hand-me-down furniture and cheap Ikea furniture into it.  It was time for us to furnish our adult home like adults.  The problem was we couldn’t afford it.  Nice furniture is expensive!  So I set out to find a way to furnish our home on a budget.

We started out at Crate and Barrel and found their corner of floor-model clearance items.  These are items they are trying to get rid of quickly and often times they are a bit damaged from being in the store so long.  We found the most amazing dining table, which would fit perfectly with our mid-century home.  It had a 3 inch deep scratch across the top but it wasn’t anything we thought we couldn’t live with.  The red sticker price was good but I was set on getting the price down even more.  So I spoke with the manager, pointed out the big scratch and told him what I’d be willing to pay for it.  I assured him I’d pay for it that day and he’d have it out of his store in no time.  Much to my surprise, he accepted my offer which was significantly lower than the red sticker price and was more than half off the original retail price.  Score!

This Crate and Barrel dining table was purchased on a budget.

Next, we needed to find chairs to put around our beautiful dining table.  World Market (very similar to Pier 1 Imports, in case you aren’t familiar) was having a sale on dining chairs.  They also had a 15% off coupon at that time so we ended up getting 6 dining chairs for a great price.  Both World Market and Pier 1 Imports offer sales every month.  All of their inventory will be on sale at some point during the year and they also offer coupons.

Since we had such good luck with buying our dining table at Crate and Barrel, we decided to head back and check out their floor model clearance section again.  To our delight, we found a sectional sofa.  The story behind the sofa was someone placed a custom order for it and when it was delivered to the man’s house, it wouldn’t fit in his door.  So it landed in the clearance section.  Again, I negotiated a price lower than the red sticker price and the manager agreed.  And again, I got a great piece of furniture for more than half off the original retail price!  We also scooped up a coffee table while we were there at about half off the retail price.  It had some very superficial scratches on it, which can only be seen in certain lighting conditions.

I furnished my home on a budget using Crate and Barrel floor model pieces.

All in all, we managed to furnish our living room and dining room for a total of about $3000.  Not bad at all!  I hope you can use these tips and have fun furnishing your home on a budget!


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