Are Facial Oils Worth the Hype?

July 28, 2017

On my never-ending quest for perfect skin, I finally tried facial oils.  Ever since I was 14 years old, I sought out face products that were oil-free, so it was a little terrifying to abandon conventional wisdom and slather my face with oil.  But since I’m committed to finding the holy grail of perfect skin, I gave facial oils a solid two month trial.One of my favorite facial oils is Marie Veronique's Treatment Oil

What kind of facial oils should I use?

My first priority was to find organic ingredients.  Next, I researched which oils were right for my skin type.  I tend to have congested pores, so I needed a product with jojoba oil as the primary ingredient.  Jojoba oil mimics our skin’s sebum so it controls oil production.  I decided to go with Marie Veronique’s Treatment Oil and Odacite’s Jojoba and Lavender Oil.

How do I use facial oils?

I found the best way to use facial oils is to wash my face, then place a washcloth with very warm water over my face to open up my pores.  Then I add about 3 drops of oil onto the washcloth or a cotton round and gently massage all over my face.  Lastly, I warm the washcloth up again with very warm water and place over my face again for about 15 seconds to give the oil a chance to melt into my pores.

What effect does the oil have on my skin?

I’ve always had combination skin, dry in some parts and oily in others.  After using the facial oils regularly, my combination skin turned into normal skin.  The oil quenched my dry parts and decreased oil production in my oily parts.  I also noticed that my hormonal breakouts along my jawline disappeared.  Unfortunately, my pores still get congested as equally as before I was using the oils.

Are facial oils worth the hype?

My answer is an emphatic yes.  My skin has never felt healthier.  I’m definitely going to continue using the facial oils.

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