Eye Makeover on a Budget

September 23, 2017

“You have beautiful eyes” may be the oldest pick up line in the book but, your eyes are one of the first features someone notices about you.  Living a luxe life is about feeling great every day.  Makeup can be expensive but there are ways to live and look like you have a professional doing your makeup even if you are on a budget.  Follow this advice to create a complete eye makeover on a budget.

This is how to give yourself an eye makeover on a budget

The Tools for an Eye Makeover on a Budget

The first step is to choose an eye palette.  An eye palette is a collection of eye shadow colors.  Palettes come in a range of options from 4 colors to 20 colors. Shadow colors include multiple lid colors, crease colors and liner colors.  Having great luxurious eyes is a four step shadow process so it is less intimidating to keep your palette small. Elle magazine gives us a guideline for choosing shades based on your eye color.  For blue eyes keep your tones to neutrals and golds, it will catch the blue in your eye without overpowering the eye color.  Greens eyes are naturally bright so choose a shimmery brown for work and a pale purple for happy hour.  Neutrals and soft bronze shades accent brown eyes.

Next, is a collection of brushes: shade, blend, liner and smudge brushes.  Finding brushes with labels makes it very easy for a novice to accomplish professional eyes.  It’s as simple as following a sequence: shade, crease, line, and smudge. EcoTools makes quality brushes that make it easy to achieve the look you desire.  Lastly, to make your newly shadowed eyes pop you will need a quality mascara.  There are multiple options and colors for mascara as well.  To keep it easy stay with a black mascara, waterproof or not is your choice.  Other choices maybe lengthening mascara or blends that make your lashes look fuller.

The Steps

  1. Start with a base.  This can be a combination of a moisturizer and a foundation.  IT cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye makes a great base for your eyes and reduces the appearance of dark circles.
  2. The first shadow color to use will be the lightest color in the palette.  Cover the entire eye lid and move up to the high part of your eyebrow.
  3. Following the next color in the palette apply it on the lid over the base color.
  4. The next color in the palette is applied to the crease of the eye.
  5. The darkest color is used to define the eye creating a line directly above the lashes.
  6. Finally, smudge the liner to blend into the shadow and finish with a layer of mascara to make your eyes POP.

How to Save

Make up can be an expensive luxury but there are ways to save.  Purchasing makeup from a department store such as Macy’s can bring benefits of regular sales, especially if you purchase using the store credit card.  Other stores such as Ulta Beauty will send you coupons if you join their mailing list.  You can shop in store or online.  Shopping online opens other opportunities to save.  Ebates is a website that offers cash back for shopping online.  However, give attention to shipping charges that may exceed your savings.  Most sites offer free shipping if you spend a certain amount.

Have fun with your at-home eye makeover on a budget!

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