Border Field State Park – The Southwestern-most Point of the United States

August 8, 2015

This is the US Mexican border fence at Border Field State Park.

If you’ve ever wanted to reach the southwestern-most point of the United States and peek over into Mexico, just head to Border Field State Park, CA.  Be sure to go on a weekend, when it’s open and accessible by car.  And also be sure to have $5 cash to get in.

Border Patrol agents at Border Field State Park.

At Border Field State Park, the border is protected by a double fence.  On the weekends, the super friendly Border Patrol officers will escort you through the first fence into that “buffer” zone (which is federal property) so that you can walk right up to the main fence.  Families can use this as a meeting place to visit and talk with each other through the fence.  But no one is allowed to pass anything through the fence.  Being right against the fence allowed us the opportunity to see life on the other side.  We saw a man tending to the garden on the other side.  He waved and said ‘hello’.  Teenagers were filming each other doing parkour, flipping off tables and benches.  They were quite talented!  We heard the Mexican music, saw the street vendors, and the bull fighting ring.

This is a monument at Border Field State Park.

After we were done spending time at the fence, we headed to the beach.  The beach was almost completely empty other than some horse-back riders!  It’s a stark contrast from the Mexican side, which is buzzing with families enjoying the beach.  Be warned – this is not a beach recommended for swimming due to the fact that raw Mexican sewage runs off in this area.  But if what you crave is a secluded beach for walking and relaxing, this is your spot.  For me, it’s a little slice of heaven and I’ll definitely be back!

The US side of the beach is usually pretty empty at Border Field State Park.

Horses are allowed on the beach at Border Field State Park.

Tips for visiting Border Field State Park

Visit on a weekend

Bring $5 cash to drive in

Have a Border Patrol agent escort you in between the two fences

Don’t swim in the water

A view of Las Playas de Tijuana at Border Field State Park.

This is the fence that separates the US from Mexico at Border Field State Park.

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